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Driver of Runaway Boston Train Suspended



    David Vasquez Returns Home

    Under the collective bargaining agreement, Vasquez does get protections from his union---including filing a grievance. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015)

    The driver of a runaway MBTA train has been placed on a 30-day unpaid suspension, pending discharge.

    The president of The Boston Carmen's Union says there was an interview and disciplinary hearing held Tuesday morning.

    The general manager of the MBTA is the only one who can rule on the termination, which could happen at any time within the 30-day suspension.

    Under the collective bargaining agreement, David Vasquez is entitled to certain protections from the union.

    Vasquez is accused of failing to secure a brake on his Red Line train last week. The train took off with dozens of passengers on board.

    No one was injured.

    Officials are still trying to figure out whether or not the train operator used a cord to tie the so-called "dead man's switch," which is a fail safe that typically brings the train to a stop.

    Tying it down is a safety violation.

    State officials are looking at whether it's a systemic issue within the MBTA.