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80-Year-Old in Fla. Who Sparred With Judge Makes 2nd Court Appearance



    Dolores Sheinis Back in Court

    A day after cracking up Broward Judge John Hurley, 80-year-old Dolores Sheinis makes a more serious appearance in Broward court. (Published Friday, Feb. 13, 2015)

    The 80-year-old woman who made headlines for her lively exchange with a South Florida bond court judge returned to the courtroom Friday.

    While Dolores Sheinis brought laughter to Broward Judge John Hurley's courtroom on Thursday, her second time in court was more serious.

    Sheinis had taken Hurley by surprise during Thursday's appearance, calling him sweetheart and asking if he was taking her to breakfast.

    "You brightened my day, ma'am," Hurley told Sheinis, who was appearing following her arrest for violating an injunction to stay away from her ex-husband.

    "That's what the last guy said," Sheinis told Hurley.

    But Friday, daughter Beth Sheinis appeared before Hurley and told of a different side to her mother.

    "She's very extreme, there's nothing stable about her, she's very entertaining one moment and the next moment she's threatening to you know, take you down," Beth Sheinis said.

    Beth Sheinis said her mom suffers from mental illness so severe it drove her father to obtain a restraining order against her.

    "She has threatened my father's life, she has threatened my aunt's life, I have certainly heard her do that, I have had her threaten me," Beth Sheinis said.

    Police arrested Delores a couple of days ago for allegedly violating the restraining order, and she was back in bond court today because she can't leave jail if she has nowhere to go.

    "Hello again Ms. Sheinis, how are you?" Hurley greeted her Friday.

    "Hello sweetheart, you look fantastic, did you grow a few inches? Because you look taller," Sheinis replied.

    "She needs a hospital, not a jail, and so she needs to be put in a hospital and I've been trying to do that for six months to no avail in the state of Florida," Beth Sheinis said.

    Sheinis' ex-husband agrees. Judge Hurley called him on the phone.

    "She can't be in jail, she's got to be in a hospital being taken care of," Abe Sheinis said.

    Hurley said he hoped a suitable arrangement could be made for her.

    "I'm trying to find an alternative which is humane, compassionate, but at the same time that it takes into consideration that her ex-husband has a restraining order and he doesn't want her to go back there," Hurley said.