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Dog Sniffs Out Solution After Deputies Fail Rescue Attempt



    Sheriff's Deputies Scale Icy Mountain to Rescue Dog

    Deputies and volunteers from the Utah County Sheriff's Office in Spanish Fork Utah scaled a frozen peak in an attempt to rescue Mary, a family's pet dog that had become stuck on a ledge over a sheer cliff. The rescue came up short, but Mary found her way home the next day on her own. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017)

    A search and rescue team hiked up a steep, snowy Utah mountain in an attempt to rescue a dog that was stuck on a narrow ledge above a 50-foot cliff.

    The Utah County Sheriff's Office posted a video Monday showing highlights of the Friday operation that ended without getting the dog off the mountain near Provo, Utah.

    A member of the team rappelled down to try to lure the dog, named Mary, with food. But it never worked because she became skittish every time he got close. They called off the rescue at nightfall and instead left her with food and hand warmers.

    "The [Search and Rescue] team made a strong effort with significant risk," a spokesman for the sheriff's office said. "And while they did not get the dog down that night, I believe the food and hand warmers they left may well have helped the dog survive the frigid temperatures."

    The saga had a happy ending on Saturday when her owners called to say Mary made it down the mountain alone somehow. She had cuts to her paws, but was OK.