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An Author Reported a Metro Worker for Eating on a Train. Now She Might Lose Her Book Deal

The author issued an apology amid the uproar: “I apologize for a tweet I posted earlier today, which I have since deleted. I am truly sorry”



    Author Reports Metro Worker for Eating on Train

    A photo of a Metro employee eating breakfast on a train has sparked a major controversy, but the person getting most of the backlash is the author who posted the photo. News4's Adam Tuss explains. (Published Monday, May 13, 2019)

    Author Natasha Tynes sparked outrage on social media after she tweeted a photo of a black Metro employee eating on the train and reported the woman to officials. Now, Tynes may lose her book deal.

    Tynes, a writer and World Bank employee in Washington, tweeted a photo Friday morning of a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority employee in uniform eating on one of the service's trains, NBC News reported.

    "When you’re on your morning commute & see @wmata employee in UNIFORM eating on the train," Tynes wrote in the tweet, which she has since deleted. “I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. This is unacceptable. Hope @wmata responds. When I asked the employee about this, her response was, ‘worry about yourself.'"

    Transit officials responded to her tweet within an hour and thanked her for "catching" the employee eating and "helping" to "make sure all Metro employees are held accountable."

    The response said: "Can you confirm the time you were on the train, the direction you were headed and what line you were on?”

    Tynes provided those details and added: "Thank you for responding. Appreciate it."

    Eating, drinking, smoking and littering is banned on Metro buses or trains and in stations. 

    But the backlash began immediately. University of New Hampshire professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein commented: "Eating while Black."