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Live Blog: Apple Holds Fall Event at Cupertino Headquarters



    Live Blog: Apple Holds Fall Event at Cupertino Headquarters
    Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP
    Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, speaks about the TouchBar during an announcement of new products on Oct. 27, 2016, in Cupertino, California.

    Apple on Thursday held its fall event, updating its Mac lineup, including adding a touch-sensitive panel to the MacBook Pro.

    The announcement comes just days after Apple announced its quarterly sales fell, a rare slump for one of the most successful companies in the world. 

    NBC Bay Area reporter Scott Budman live-blogged the event from the tech giant's Cupertino headquarters:

    11:25 AM

    MacBook Pro starts at $1499. Goes up to $2399.

    11:11 AM

    And, sure enough, like any new platform, companies are making their stuff compatible to TouchBar.

    Skype, Adobe, Microsoft will adjust.

    Enough to replace what you're already using?

    11:11 AM

    Now, a DJ showing off how TouchBar can be used to make and edit music.

    Cool for parties.

    The PhotoShop demo was cool, too.

    Apple stock steady at $115.

    11:10 AM

    MacBook Pro demo: Lots here for editors and creative community.

    Screen really pops.

    10:55 AM

    Now talking up speed (Intel chip inside) of new MacBook Pros.

    Screens also sharp.

    Are people going to be excited enough about the TouchBar to go out and buy these things?

    ...awaiting price/availability data.

    10:46 AM


    Not too impressed.

    Apple shares now exactly 115 each.

    Up a penny since we started.

    10:43 AM

    Apple also puts TouchID on MacBook Pros.

    This makes sense .. lots of people find it easy and secure to shop/log in from phones.

    Now, coming to laptops.

    10:38 AM

    New MacBoom Pro ..

    13 and 15 inch screens.

    New keyboard, thinner than previous laptops.

    Lots of focus on getting rid of the "Function" key.

    Replaced by retina display pad at top of keyboard.

    Apple calls it Touch Bar.

    10:30 AM

    Tim Cook now moving on to the Mac.

    These haven't been revamped in a while.

    Also, lots of new competition from the likes of Microsoft, HP, and other Windows machines.

    10:25 AM

    Now, Siri will let you talk to your TV in all sorts of ways.

    News, football .. its the new way to channel surf - talking to your TV

    10:20 AM

    Apple just announced a new app .. called "TV."

    A way to cruise through your Apple TV.

    Interestingly, they just brought up someone from Twitter to talk about streaming Thursday Night Football on Twitter and Apple TV.

    10:10 AM

    Tim Cook now on stage.

    Introduces a new accessibility website, as part of the Apple page.

    Also updating iPhone 7 .. new Apple Pay features.

    Still waiting for new products.

    Apple stock price (AAPL) 114.99 (-60 cents)

    9:57 AM

    ...By the way, lots of talk about the death of Vine.

    Not huge among journalists (not huge enough among anybody, apparently), but Twitter is huge, so a small chill falls over the creative part of the crowd. They're bummed they can't send out Vines about the Apple event.

    9:49 AM

    Good morning.

    Inside the latest #AppleEvent.

    Rumors are that today we'll see new laptops and desktops.

    Will there be "One more thing...?"

    Important for Apple to show that it can move forward; recent earnings showed a whole lot of dependence on the iPhone. Just yesterday, Microsoft came out with an upgraded lineup of laptops - getting good reviews.

    See it here and on Twitter (@scottbudman) for live updates