20-Foot Python Attacks Pet Shop Owner

 A 20-foot python turned on a north Kentucky pet store owner "like lightning" on Monday, biting him in the arm and wrapping itself around his body while a customer screamed in terror, NBC News reported.

Then the 125-pound snake began to squeeze.

"A horror movie in real life is what that was," the customer, Melissa McElfresh, later told local NBC affiliate WLWT. "Probably the most scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. And I'm still in shock over it."

Pythons kill their prey by coiling themselves around their target's bodies and slowly crushing them. So when Terry Wilkins, owner of Captive Born Reptiles, had to clean out the snake's cage, he had McElfresh tap on its glass to distract it.

But McElfresh saw the snake's head turn toward Wilkins.

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