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2-Inch Metal Nail Baked into Panera Bread Cookie: Cops



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Darien Police Department
    The department of health is investigating after this two-inch-long nail was found baked into a Panera Bread cookie sold in Darien.

    One Stamford mother had quite the surprise when her 7-year-old bit into a chocolate chip cookie from Panera Bread and felt something hard – that something turned out to be a nail that was baked into her daughter’s treat.

    The woman bought the cookie for her children on Nov. 25 from a Panera Bread restaurant at 1063 Post Road in Darien, police said. She returned home and gave it to her daughter, only to discover a two-inch-long rusty looking nail inside.

    Police said the nail had a dull tip and was the kind commonly used in the construction of wood pallets. The woman’s daughter was not hurt.

    The Darien Health Department and State Department of Health were notified. Authorities are working to figure out where the nail came from how it ended up in the cookie.

    The town health department conducted a preliminary inspection of the restaurant on Tuesday and will continue to investigate. Police said Panera and its distributor, SYGMA, have been cooperative.