1st Look Loves: P & R Handboards

This week we're exploring surf culture on 1st Look and discovered P & R hardboards, our newest surf obsession.

P & R Handboards are handcrafted handboards made to help increase the velocity and overall experience of bodysurfing. By adding more surface area to your hand, the surfer is able to glide across the wave and make the most of the wave’s energy. This product is mainly used for bodysurfing, but is geared towards any surfer and non-surfer alike ready to enjoy a day of wave riding. 

Creator Rob Angelora is an East Coast body and board surfer based in Long Beach, NY.  He has lived and surfed around the world for the past 10 years, in destinations including SoCal, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, and Oahu. Business partner, Paul Romano, is an avid bodysurfer since childhood, and after Rob introduced him to these handboards, he’s been hooked ever since.

The idea for the boards came about during a summer flat spell along the coast of New York, an area where the ocean doesn’t always deliver. These boards since have been the solution for any surfer who wants to avoid those crowded summer blackball days, giving everyone a reason to get into the water!

Choose from five handboards:

El Primero – A board that’s good for hollow beach break and holds high in the barrel.

The Platter – The most versatile board that works in small to medium size waves and its full nose and tail give extra lift for heavier riders as well.

The Scrap – A board for the experienced rider, it keeps you high and tight, right where you want to be in the waves.

Twin Peaks – The longboard of handboards whose size makes it extremely buoyant in the water giving the rider maximum lift, and the double concave helps to channel water and increase speed; a board great for newcomers or when the ocean isn’t feeling to generous.

Fat Crab – The length and width of this board provide a large surface area for maximum buoyancy, ideal for the big and tall rider with excellent water flow for better lift and a faster ride.

In an effort to keep the carbon footprint minimal, each board is hand-carved and finished with natural oils; straps are made from used wetsuits.  Visit the website for the online store, wetsuit donations, and additional product information.

Tune in to the "Surf City" episode of 1st Look this Saturday on NBC after Saturday Night Live.

[Pictured above: Rob Angelora crafting a handboard]

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