1st Look Bites: Taka Taka's Guacamole Tuna Tataki

Here at 1st Look, we like to eat. And each week, we're bringing you the best dish our team has noshed on all week. Let us whet your appetite with a little Friday food porn.

This week's winner? Taka Taka's guacamole tuna tataki, diced tuna tartar with avocado, onion, cilantro and serrano chile, a crowd favorite with a kick. This fusion starter is available at Taka Taka, a restaurant where Asian food goes south of the border. Their specialty is Mexican sushi and Japanese tacos, talk about global mashups!

Another highlight of the fusion restaurant is the conveyor belt sushi selections--this classic Japanese "fast food" is also known as Kaiten sushi. See your food before you pick your food, our kind of place!

Tired of standard tacos or your average tuna roll? Head to Taka Taka.

Catch Taka Taka and more global mashups on this Saturday's episode of "1st Look." Tune in after "Saturday Night Live" on NBC!

Taka Taka
330 West Broadway
New York, NY

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