MTA Wants to Ditch MetroCard for “Subway E-Z Pass”


Forget the swipe -- soon, you could be simply tapping your way through the subway turnstile. And the card you'll be using to access the subway won't be the MetroCard you know.

The Daily News reports the MTA is planning to present a long-term road map for its fare system, and it is based heavily on portable payment options.

Under the plan, subway riders will be able to open turnstiles with the tap of a credit card or with a new pass being called the MTA Card.

"It's an E-Z Pass for transit," MTA Chief Financial Officer Charles Monheim told the News.

Riders will also be able to establish travel accounts and transfer money online or through the nearest ATM. Customers can pay as they go, or they can pay in advance, buying a number of trips or a week or month of unlimited trips.

MTA said the plan would save the agency hundreds of millions of dollars a year in labor and material costs.

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