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Lost in Transit: Uber's List of Most Commonly Forgotten Items Is Out

Ever left your Billie Eilish ukulele or 40 chicken nuggets in the back of an Uber?

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Cell phones, wallets and keys remain some of the most forgotten personal belongings left behind in Uber rides this past year, according to the company's annual Lost & Found list. But have you ever left behind grandma's teeth?

The ridershare's list of most commonly forgotten items isn't full of many surprises. The top 10 list rounds out with backpacks and purses, headphones, glasses, clothing, vapes, jewelry and ID cards.

Uber generously released a long list of the most unique items left behind, some of which sound like the answers to a Mad Lib.

Here are just a handful plucked from their list:

  • My fingernail is on the seat
  • Some tater tors
  • 500 grams of caviar
  • My grandma's teeth
  • A Billie Eilish ukulele
  • I lost 40 chicken nuggets
  • Painting of Kung Fu Panda and pink air pump shaped as a pig
  • A piece of my broom
  • A bucket of slime
  • Brown tortoise
  • A dart that says "unleash the beast"

Whether valuable for their cost or sentimentality, lost possessions can be a pain to track down. Uber has a "find lost item" feature in its app -- just tap "Your Trips" and select the ride.

Most Forgetful Days

Uber crunched the numbers and found that Saturdays and Sundays are the most forgetful days of the week. They also broke down the week by which items are most commonly lost of each day:

  • Mondays: glasses, charges and cardholders
  • Tuesdays: kid's items, like car seats, strollers and pacifiers
  • Wednesdays: Passports and books
  • Thursdays: Groceries and laptops
  • Fridays: Cash and fanny packs
  • Saturdays: Clothing, ID and keys
  • Sundays: Pones, wallets, jewelry and makeup

Most 'Forgetful Cities'

A hearty congratulations to Austin, Texas, which topped the rideshare's list of most "forgetful" cities for the second year in a row.

Austin isn't the lone city in Texas to crack the top 10. Uber said riders in Houston and Dallas are also among the most forgetful in the county.

It may come as a surprise to some, but none of the three most populous cities made the list. Neither New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago appeared in the top 10.

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