Young Taconic Survivor Finally Told Family's Fate

The young lone survivor of the horrific Taconic State Parkway crash has finally learned that his mother, baby sister and three cousins were all killed in the accident, according to a report.

Bryan Schuler, who is only five-years-old, was told the grim news over the weekend, a private investigator hired by the family told Long Island's Newsday.

The crash was caused by Bryan's mother, Diane Schuler, who cops claim was drunk on vodka and high on marijuana as she sped down the Taconic Parkway in the wrong direction.

In addition to her own daughter and nieces in her minivan, Diane Schuler also took the life of three other strangers in the Chevy Trailblazer she slammed into.

Her husband Daniel Schuler and his lawyer Dominic Barbara have claimed that it was not illicit drugs and alcohol that caused Diane's behavior, but rather a medical condition and the toothache-numbing agent Anbesol.

Thomas Ruskin, who is investigating the the crash for Barbara, said that authorities have not interviewed Bryan yet. 

"It's too early to rely on anything Bryan might or might not remember," Ruskin told Newsday.

The boy is currently recovering from head injuries at St. Mary's Hospital for Children in Bayside.

Meanwhile, Barbara announced Monday that his client, Daniel Schuler would not be charged with anything as a result of the crash.

Suillivan County prosecutors said they hadn't been presented any evidence that warranted criminal charges.

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