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Young Airline Passenger Challenges TSA Officer to Dance Battle During Screening at Newark Airport Checkpoint

The TSA officer accepted the challenge -- and it was all caught on video

What to Know

  • A routine TSA screening turned into a dance battle after a young boy showed off his moves at Newark Airport
  • The boy challenged the TSA officer to a dance-off after the officer complimented his dance moves
  • A bystander captured the dance battle on video

A routine TSA screening turned into a dance battle after a young boy showed off his moves as he passed through a checkpoint at Newark International Airport.

The boy and his family were heading through security at the airport's Terminal B when the young traveler started to dance, according to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

After TSA officer Joshua McCall complimented the boy’s dance moves, the boy challenged McCall to a dance-off, Farbstein said.

Video captured by a bystander shows the boy toss his stuffed animal aside as he fully commits to the competition.

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"The family was very appreciative of the TSA officer’s engagement and overall demeanor, and they requested that McCall take a group photo with the family, which, of course, he agreed to do," Farbstein said.

Tom Carter, TSA’s federal security director for New Jersey, said Tuesday the agency's officers would "be happy to accept any dance challenges from passengers,” as long as they’re not too busy.

“It’s a good example of the human side of our great and dedicated professionals on the front lines of homeland security,” he said.

“Officer McCall not only helped keep this family safe, but also made their checkpoint experience both pleasurable and memorable.”

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