Yorktown Police Warn That People Doing ‘In My Feelings' Challenge May Be Charged

A New York police department is warning dancers of the dangers -- and potential legal consequences -- of doing the viral "In My Feelings Challenge" on its watch.

The rise in popularity of the “In My Feelings” challenge, inspired by Drake’s newest single of the same name, has given the world dance fever. The most viral way to perform the dance, also known as “The Shiggy” (named after a New York social media star), is to get out of a moving vehicle, dancing beside it while the car is in neutral -- with no driver.

But after multiple accidents were reported around the country after the challenge took off, the Yorktown Police Department has had enough.

“Think they call that "doing the Shiggy" but we call that "doing the tow truck”, wrote Yorktown Police Department on a Facebook post. "Kind of like running with the bulls, only worse, because you're putting others at risk with this poor decision," it said.

If you are caught doing the challenge in the upstate New York area, you may be charged with a crime, the police department warned.

Yorktown Police Department also added that it was unimpressed with the number of people texting and driving. “Speaking of Drake, too many people out there were doing the "Hotline Bling" yesterday between 4:45 and 6:30 p.m. while driving. 19 tickets issued for driving while texting or on the cell phone during that time frame”.

Next time you hear the song playing on the radio, try to hold off your urge to do the “Shiggy."

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