Yonkers Officer Injured After Police Open Fire on Man Waving Gun At Apartment Building

The suspect, whom the police commissioner believes lives in the building, was shot in the leg, while an officer was also hurt, but it wasn't clear how the injury occurred

Scene of Yonkers shooting
NBC New York

An investigation is underway after police officers opened fire on a man with a gun in Yonkers — and when the gunfire stopped, the suspect was shot and an officer badly injured.

Police were first called to the scene inside an apartment building on Main Street near Riverdale Avenue around 12:30 p.m. A caller reported shots had been fired, and the responding officers encountered a man waving a gun.

At some point soon after police got there, shots were fired, said Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, however details about what happened were scarce.

"We're still trying to narrow down who fire and under what circumstances," Mueller said.

The suspect, whom Mueller believes lives in the building, was shot in the leg. An officer was also injured, but it wasn't clear how the injury occurred.

"Our officer is not shot. He has a severe concussion and other injuries," Mueller said.

Detectives are reviewing police bocy camera footage in an effort to uncover more details. It is not clear what prompted the initial shots that led to police being called.

"This is preliminary, but we believe the suspect called himself about a man waving a gun around. So that is also interesting," the commissioner said.

Both the suspect and the officer were recovering at the hospital.

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