Yankees Fan to Sell Memorabilia After Wife Says “Enough”

Lifelong Yankees fan Harvey Wildstein is starting to let go of the priceless memorabilia filling his basement

A longtime Yankees fan is facing the painful task of downsizing his memorabilia-filled man cave after a showdown between him and his wife resulted in an agreement to downsize. 

Harvey Wildstein, 79, of East Brunswick, N.J., says collecting Yankee memorabilia reminds him of being a kid in Brooklyn, when he was the only one not cheering for the Dodgers. 

"I go downstairs, I look at all my stuff, and I come up smiling," he said. "I say, 'Whoo! My youth is back.' Yeah, I feel like flying."

But as much as he loves the Yankees, Wildstein and his wife of 53 years, Fran, agree it's time to downsize.

"Who is he going to leave it to?" said Fran Wildstein. "We have two girls and two granddaughters, and they're not interested." 

Throughout their marriage, Fran has made it clear that Harvey's baseball collection must stay in the basement. She says she hasn't been down there in eight years.

"That's his territory, he can do whatever he wants with it," she said.

Part of the collection has moved up to the garage, where Harvey plans to sell some of his favorite pieces this weekend -- like a Derek Jeter jersey, a signed Mickey Mantle photo and dozens of autographed baseballs, all certified. 

The items in the garage are only about half of Harvey's memorabilia. The part of the collection that remains in the basement isn't officially for sale. But for the right price, even a Babe Ruth-signed ball could go, he says. 

As for what Harvey doesn't sell, he'll sneak back down to the basement to take a look when Fran isn't looking. 

"She thinks I am a little crazy at times, but she feels that if I'm enjoying it, what the heck?"

The Yankees memorabilia garage sale will take place July 27-28 at 58 Mitchell Ave. in East Brunswick, N.J. To contact Harvey Wildstein, call 848 203 4259.

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