Tense Optimism Fills Yankees Fans on Verge of World Series

Update: The Yankees lost to the Astros, 4-0.

Yankees fans across the city filled sports bars and living rooms, hoping for another World Series berth.

The Bronx Bombers haven’t been in the World Series since 2009, when they beat the Phillies to claim the championship.

At Blondies sports bar in Manhattan on Saturday night, fans watched as their team faced the Houston Astros in a fight to the finish. 

“Really excited about this day,” Philip Levie said. “Game seven, as big as it can get.”

“CC’s going to give us seven solid innings. Awesome bullpen. Judge is gonna hit a couple homers,” a fan named Sean said. 

The crowd gave a toast to making it this far – but these fans were still hungry for more. 

Much of the enthusiasm Saturday came from the Yankees’ combination of youth and skill. But most exciting was the opportunity to play in the World Series against the National League champions – the Los Angeles Dodgers, formerly known as the Brooklyn Dodgers.

“It’s Brooklyn versus the Bronx,” Levie said of a potential Yankees-Dodgers World Series. 

“It’s like one of the best, long-term rivalries ever in baseball,” said another fan.

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