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Pay to Smash Stuff With a Baseball Bat at Manhattan's Only ‘Wrecking Club'

Looking for a unique idea for a date, wanting to live out your rock star fantasies, or just need to let off some steam?

Introducing the Wrecking Club, where people go to smash things to pieces. The new Manhattan business is set up just so New Yorkers can tear things down. 

Starting at $39.99 per 20-minute session customers can visit a Wrecking Club room and smash things, using a baseball bat a sledgehammer or a crow bar.

The room comes preloaded with items to break. Expect monitors, televisions, laptops, desktops, alarm clocks, printers, fax machines, lots of porcelain and ceramic--but you can also bring your own unwanted possessions to smash.

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Founder Tom Daly says the Wrecking Room is great exercise.

"It's a great release of energy, and it's one hell of a workout to boot."

It's also being marketed as a unique thing to do on a first date.

"We get a lot of couples here. People are usually laughing when they're in here," Daly says.

Guests can bring their own music to play in the venue's speakers while they're wrecking the room. Safety gear including a jacket, pants and goggles are provided.

Since opening in January, the Wrecking Club has been a smashing success, Daly says.

He has a wait-list of about 30 people and guests must register two weeks in advance before they can start wrecking.

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Daly left his job in the corporate world last year to start Wrecking Club, inspired by his own desire to wreck things.

"I was an analyst in the finance department an energy company and I always wanted to throw my computer out the window," he laughs.

"So I figured I would just throw things out the window for a living."

He said there was a similar businesses around in the 1970s, and other wrecking clubs around the world. But he didn't know of any others in New York, and felt it was a service New Yorkers needed.

"I think this is made for New York City. Definitely."

Daly gets many of the materials he uses to set up the room from thrift shops.

The destroyed items like electronics are recycled, and the biodegradable items are disposed of accordingly. 

"I did it because I want to have fun and be around people who want to have fun," Daly says.

If you want to do some wrecking yourself you can book a session online here.

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