World's Smallest Gingerbread House Is Smaller Than Eyes Can See

The world's tiniest gingerbread house is made from silicone because it's hard to get cookies thinner than a human hair.

Scientists at McMaster University in Canada celebrated the holidays not with huge decorations but tiny ones that can only be seen under a microscope.

Travis Casagrande at the university's Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy used his skill and microscopic technology to carve out extremely tiny details of a gingerbread house that's standing on top of a snowman's head.

Both of the house and snowman together are around the size of the diameter of a human hair, according to the university.

But what's the point of holiday decorations that you can't see with your eyes?

Casagrande says he hopes the project creates scientific curiosity. “I think for both children and adults, it’s important to be curious about science. Looking into how this was made leads to more interest in science, and that builds more science literacy, which allows everyone to make better decisions," he said.

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