Port Authority

World's Longest Non-Stop Flight Got Even Longer For These Passengers

The world’s longest non-stop flight got just a little longer for passengers waiting to take it at Newark airport on Saturday morning.

The Port Authority confirms to News 4 that a moveable jet bridge punched a hole in the No. 1 engine of Singapore Airlines Flight 21 just before 6:30 a.m.

The A350 Airbus had more than 143 passengers and crew aboard for the nearly 19-hour flight. All of them had to deplane as the flight was canceled and the damage to the jet was assessed.

The jet bridge at Gate 53 was being operated by an employee of Oxford Airport Technical Services. The cause of the accident isn't yet known. 

The Port Authority says most passengers were told to go home and return for Sunday’s flight, though some may have been rebooked on other flights.

Singapore Airlines said the aircraft was grounded for repairs and apologized for any inconvenience caused. 

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