FDNY Dispels Reports of Smoke at WTC

Amid alarmed social media reports claiming there was smoke arising from One World Trade Center, officials are assuring the public there is no fire and no smoke condition at the 1,776-foot tower. 

Witnesses posted photos showing what they thought was smoke coming out of the skyscraper on Monday and Tuesday nights. 

Viewer Matt Smith took a photo from Hoboken, wondering if there was a fire there. 

Officials at FDNY and NYPD say it's just steam illuminated by the bright lights.

"There is no fire report at the WTC," tweeted the FDNY.

The NYPD's 1st Precinct, perhaps a bit more urgently, tweeted: "THERE IS NO FIRE!" 

One World Trade Center, the Western Hemisphere's tallest building, opened in October 2014. 

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