New York

1 WTC Lights Up Red, White & Blue After Port Authority Bombing

One World Trade Center's spire lit red, white and blue on Monday night in the wake of the bombing in a tunnel between two of New York City's busiest subway stations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he directed the spire of the 1,776-foot-tall skyscraper to be lit in the colors of the American flag "as a symbol of our essential values of freedom and democracy."

"I am deeply grateful to the first-responders and security personnel who kept people safe after today's attack and brought the suspect into custody," he said in a statement. "Despite this morning's terrible incident, New Yorkers went about their lives unafraid, undeterred and more united than ever before. We will not allow this to disrupt us. That's who we are as New Yorkers, and that's what makes New York New York."

The Empire State Building, which also often changes its spire's colors in honor of major events, did not light up in response to the attack. 

The World Trade Center likewise lit up red, white and blue following Halloween's truck attack in Tribeca, that left eight people dead. The Empire State Building's spire, meanwhile, remained unlit in honor of the victims.

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