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NJ Woman Promises to Pop ‘Baby Trump' Balloon, Creates GoFundMe for Bail

Both sides are fundraising for their opposing blimp-related missions

What to Know

  • A New Jersey woman declared online that she plans to pop a 'Baby Trump' blimp that protesters plan to bring to the Garden State
  • She created a GoFundMe to raise bail money in case she gets arrested for popping the balloon
  • But on Thursday that page was taken down

A New Jersey woman has promised to pop a balloon depicting President Donald Trump as a baby when it makes its way to the Garden State -- and she's so serious about it she's already fundraising for her bail.

The 20-foot balloon, depicting Trump as a baby in a diaper holding a cell phone, has been taking social media by storm after it was used in protests against the United States president in London -- and now it is coming to New Jersey.

Activists started working to bring "Baby Trump" blimps to the States after seeing its scene-stealing appearances in England, they told CNN.

Jim Girvan, one of the organizers, told CNN they permission from UK activists to make their own balloons from the original patterns. They're planning on getting three, and flying them near the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. But the balloons aren't cheap. Organizers themselves started a GoFundMe to buy the balloons, with $2,300 donated to the fundraiser by more than 1,000 people.

Seeing the news, Kathie Kitt Conklin declared online that she would pop the balloon, and created a GoFundMe page to raise money for bail in case she gets arrested for it. 

"This GoFundMe page is set up for bail in case I become arrested, which is likely. If anyone is interested in supporting this cause. Please feel free to donate," the page read.

When that campaign was taken down on Thursday, Conklin started another one named Operation President Trump Respect!. As of Thursday afternoon she had raised $20 towards her $1,000 goal.

The blimps are due to be delivered within the next 4 weeks, activists told the New York Post.

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