Mother Shot While Walking to Pick Up Son From School

A mother on her way to pick up her son from his Brooklyn elementary school was wounded when shots rang out in front of a nearby high school Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Safia Bibi, 34, was struck in the arm on Brighton 6th Street in Brighton Beach around 2:30 p.m. after an altercation involving two groups of teens sparked the shooting, police said.

Nearby PS 253, where Bibi's son attends, and Grady High School were briefly placed on lockdown because of the shooting, authorities said.

"She's scared, everyday scared to get the kids, it's crazy," said Bibi's Niece, Kainat Yasin, who said fights outside the high school are common.

Neighbors said they wished more could be done to monitor the students in the afternoons.

"Every time school is dismissed there's a lot of activity," said Eugene Pishchiker. "Wish there was more police presence."

Bibi said the fighting teens Wednesday afternoon filled the block and she couldn't get around them. Then three shots rang out, one of which hit her. She was treated at a nearby hospital and released with her arm in a sling Wednesday night.

"This is dangerous," said Yasin. "If there from Grady how come the school doesn't know they have a gun?"

Police have not confirmed that students from the high school were involved in the shooting or released information on any suspects.

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