Woman Claims Ad Agency Fired Her Over Birthday Cake Taken From Office Fridge

A New York woman claims she was unfairly fired over some birthday cake left in the office refrigerator. 

Nicole Brunner filed a lawsuit against the Madwell ad agency for unspecified damages, saying the company unfairly terminated her employment. 

Brunner told the New York Post that her ex-boyfriend, who was also employed at Madwell, threw a brick through her bedroom window after she broke up with him last year. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct but he wasn't fired from the company, though he did spend a month away. 

At some point after the ex-boyfriend's return, the man's mother sent him a birthday cake and he left it in the office fridge for a few days, according to court papers cited by the Post. Brunner then admittedly took a piece of his birthday cake, and the ex-boyfriend "threw a hissy fit," according to the Post.

Brunner was fired about a month later.  

Madwell says it fired Brunner for lying about taking the cake and then threatening a receptionist who saw her throw the slice in the garbage. Brunner denies she threatened the employee.

“We took all the necessary steps to protect her safety and well-being,” the ad company told the Post. “Our ultimate decision to terminate her employment was in no way born of discriminatory or retaliatory motivations.”

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