Woman Shoves 54-Year-Old Off Subway Platform in Bronx Station: Police

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Most subway riders have thought about what they would do if someone pushed them onto the tracks. Such random attacks have become all too come and it happened again Tuesdsay morning.

Police say they're searching for a woman who shoved a 54-year-old woman at 174th street 2 and 5 station in the Bronx. The victim, Rosa Galeas Florencio, didn't touch the electrified third rail and sustained bruises and minor injuries.

Police lookinf for a woman who shoved a mother to the train track in the Bronx
Police released these photos of the suspect accused of shoving a woman at the 174th Street subway station in the Bronx.

Florencio said she was just standing there and the attack was unprovoked.

Recalling the terrifying moment after she fell down, she told Telemundo 48, "I yelled for help because I saw the next train was coming soon. I was panicked and terrified that the train was going to run over me.”

A witness heard her and he was able to help her off the track before the next train came, Florencio said. The incident left residents in the area are horrified, imagining what if it happened to them.

There have been a handful of similar incidents in recent weeks, including back in January when a naked man pushed a man onto the tracks in Harlem. He survived but his attacker was killed after jumping down to the tracks and getting electrocuted by the third rail.

Also in January, a woman was shoved into a moving train at 59th street. And there have been other incidents involving shoves and stabbings.

Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the incident on Tuesday, saying that the subway is much safe now compared to how things were not long ago.

"We have more to do always...and that’s why NYPD has added additional personnel to the subways," de Blasio said.

In this case, no one has been arrested. Police say they're looking for a white woman in her 20s wearing yellow pants.

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