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Woman Puts Her Entire Brooklyn Wedding Up for Sale on TikTok

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Just about anything can be purchased online in today's world, but what one woman put up for sale has a lot of people taking notice: She posted her entire Brooklyn wedding up for sale on TikTok.

After COVID delayed her (and many others couples') nuptials in 2020, Mackenzie Newcomb knew she could no longer wait, so she and her now-husband got married on a beach in Massachusetts in a small family affair. She said that after having gone through everything together, and her husband's father dying last summer, getting married felt like the right thing to do.

It was a picture-perfect wedding, but with one problem: She had already paid for a whole wedding, scheduled in September.

"My dad said sell your wedding on Craigslist, I was like, 'Dad, that's not a thing,'" Newcomb told NBC New York. So instead, she did what many other people have done during the pandemic: She turned to TikTok. That's where she offered to sell her pre-planned wedding to one lucky couple, slotted for Sept. 18.

"My hope is to find just one couple who's willing to pay $15,000 for a boxed wedding, that doesn't want to change too much to ruin my vendor's lives, that lives in New York — the New York thing is important," Newcomb said.

The venue is Milk & Roses, a bar and restaurant in Greenpoint with a bar in a library setting and outdoor space in the back. It comes with an 80-person guest list, and perhaps more importantly, comes at a discount.

"A lot of COVID brides are in the same position, they already eloped but they just have to deal with the face they owe all this money to a venue, caterers," she said.

It's still not clear if every vendor will sign off on the 11th-hour change, but Newcomb said she's willing to give it all up — even her dress, if the bride is the same fit. The couple needs just provide the outfits, the cake and the cards.

"It is not a $100,000 wedding being sold for $15,000. They need to know all the pros and cons that come with this extreme budget wedding in New York," Newcomb said. "It's beautiful, but it has pros and cons."

The owner of Milk & Roses said he wouldn't usually allow this sort of thing, but said he'll let it slide after all the buzz the viral video created. As for Newcomb, she said she's gotten 10 serious inquiries that have been narrowed down to three, and said she will begin interviewing the couples next week.

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