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Woman Mistakes Live Rattlesnake for Dog Toy, Freaks Out in Epic Fashion

The woman's epic bathrobe-clad freakout was captured on video and posted to YouTube

Note to self: Do not pick up dog toys in the dark. They may not be dog toys.

One woman found that out the hard way. It's not clear where she lives, but a woman named Carla went outside in her bathrobe one night to walk her dog.

She was heading back home and noticed something squiggly on the ground as she approached her gate. Thinking it was a dog toy, she tried to pick it up. She dropped it. She tried again, this time gripping the toy in her hand -- but it moved.

According to her spouse, who posted video from home surveillance cameras on YouTube, it was a live rattlesnake. Once the woman realizes that, she freaks out in epic fashion, high-stepping around her patio area in absolute terror. 

She wasn't hurt. But the video her spouse posted to YouTube has had nearly 500,000 views in the last four days. So she's probably a bit burned about that. 

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