More Body Parts Turn Up in Brooklyn Park Where Woman's Torso Was Found

A medical examiner will determine the woman's identity and cause of death

What to Know

  • Cops are now investigating another body part in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn, sources say: a leg has turned up after a torso was found Monday
  • A dog walker first discovered the torso facedown, covered in leaves, about 15 feet from the edge of a pedestrian path
  • A medical examiner will determine the woman's identity and cause of death

More body parts have turned up in the same Brooklyn park where police are investigating the discovery of a woman's armless and legless body the night before. 

Investigators found a leg, then several bags containing body parts in Canarsie Park Tuesday afternoon, according to police. They believe the body parts belong to the torso found Monday evening. Police would not say what kind of body parts were inside the bags. 

A woman walking her dog made the first grisly discovery at around 6 p.m. Monday, about 15 feet off the edge of the pedestrian path.

The torso had been found facedown, covered in leaves but not buried, sources say. 

Law enforcement sources said the body belonged to a woman who was reported missing a few months ago. Her identity hasn't been revealed.

It's not known how the woman's body ended up there.

Community activist Tony Herbert said he thinks the body must have been dumped there recently, adding that "it's a very active park." 

"This body couldn't have been here that long," he said. 

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