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Dashcam Video Shows Woman Going on Drug-Fueled, Carjacking Rampage Across Manhattan

Aludein Marks allegedly told police she had "four to five margaritas and did two bags of coke" before the fiasco

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A man was driving home in New York City one evening when he encountered a woman on the road who looked like she needed help, but he no idea that she had just stolen two cars and he was about to be the next victim.

In a dashcam video provided to NBC New York, the victim, who wished to remain anonymous, stopped on FDR Drive near 34th Street on Jan. 31 when he saw 25-year-old Aludein Marks. He asked, "What happened?" She replied, "Will you please let me in your car?"

While the footage doesn't show what happened inside the Mercedes, the driver says that Marks tried to take control of his car and they got into a scuffle. He can be heard telling her to get out and he says he found himself partially outside of his car, trying to drag her out.

"I could have been ran over. It could have went so many other ways," the victim tells NBC New York, but he decided to put safety first.

The video goes on to show Marks recklessly driving on the 9.68-mile parkway east of Manhattan. Police say she was under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. She swerved side to side on the southbound lanes of the FDR before slamming the car into the median and eventually came to a stop. Smoke can be seen billowing from the vehicle.

The caught-on-camera encounter was just Marks' third carjack of the night, according to police. Marks had stolen two other Mercedes, crashing one into a Prius on the FDR and the other on 62nd Street, but she still wasn't done.

A good Samaritan stopped to help Marks after she crashed the 3rd car. The dashcam footage showed Marks heading towards the bystander's driver seat. The two appeared to wrestle and even responding police officers weren't able to stop her. She took the man's Camry and sped off once again.

Police say Marks would go on to crash the car near City Hall, ending her miles-long carjacking spree that damaged nearly 20 cars. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in all the incidents.

Marks allegedly told police she had "four to five margaritas and did two bags of coke" before the fiasco, according to a criminal complaint.

She was charged with multiple counts of robbery, grand larceny, driving while intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs. It was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney to comment on the charges.

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