Call for More Bike Lanes After Woman Killed by Car-Door Accident

The intersection here at Atlantic and Washington Avenues is a busy one, but there are no signs of the fatal accident over the weekend that claimed the life of 23-year-old Jasmine Herron Saturday here in Brooklyn.

Herron, who co-workers say road her bike just about everywhere, was employed at "Think Coffee" in Manhattan, and was just two weeks away from returning to her home state of Colorado when what police are calling a freak accident put an end to that journey.

She was struck and killed by an MTA bus after running into an opened car door and getting tossed into traffic.

The scary incident has left local bicyclists shaken.

"Yes, I feel like I have a pretty much close call every time I'm out," said James Holland, of Williamsburg.

"In the case of getting doored, it's a far too common thing for a cyclists to face," said Caroline Samponaro, Director of Bicycle Advocacy for Transportation Alternatives.

The woman whose car door caused the accident has been identified as 24-year-old Krystal Francis of Staten Island.

She's been hit with an aggravated unlicensed operator charge.

"I think the take away here is that there really needs to be protected space for everyone on the street," said Samponaro.

There were no bike lanes in the area.

Samponaro praised the city for its more than 200 miles of bike lanes, but cyclists like Gary Fierer, of Williamsburg, believe there should be more.

"That's always a factor when someones going to pop the door," said Fierer.

Herron, whose last known address was in Ditmas Park, was studying art and design.

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