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Long Island Woman Arrested in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot Targeting Ex-Mother-in-Law, Child — to Win Ex-Husband Back

Suffolk County prosecutors unsealed the indictment against 25-year-old Elsy Rodriguez Garcia on Tuesday

What to Know

  • An NY woman allegedly hatched a murder-for-hire plot targeting her former mother-in-law and a child in a scheme to get her ex-husband back
  • An indictment against the 25-year-old Huntington woman was unsealed Tuesday
  • Elsy Rodriguez Garcia allegedly plotted the hit in hopes it would get her family -- her ex-husband and their 2-year-old -- back together

A Long Island woman allegedly hatched a murder-for-hire plot targeting her former mother-in-law and a child in a scheme to get her ex-husband back, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday. 

Elsy Rodriguez Garcia, a 25-year-old Huntington Station woman, allegedly was angry her ex-husband had been spending so much time with his mother and 5-year-old daughter, who he had with a different woman.

She hoped that by taking them out she could get her own family -- her ex-husband and their 2-year-old son -- back together, the indictment from Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini's office said. Rodriguez Garcia, who has worked full-time in a pediatrician's office in Huntington for the last five years, according to her lawyer, and her ex-husband divorced just four months ago.

Prosecutors say Rodriguez Garcia tried to enlist help from a co-conspirator via WhatsApp for help expediting the hit, which she wanted to happen while the mother-in-law and child were visiting Ecuador because she believed it would be less likely to uncover. It turns out they never actually were in Ecuador. 

Rodriguez Garcia included photos of the two she allegedly wanted dead, one of which was the 5-year-old target's kindergarten photo, prosecutors say. Her ex-husband got wind of the scheme from a relative, though it wasn't clear how he found out, and walked into a police precinct to report it.

According to authorities, police doctored a photograph to look like two bodies in an Ecuadorean street and sent it to her, under the pretense it was from a hit man, at which point Rodriguez Garcia allegedly agreed to send $6,000 as payment the very next day. She was arrested the day after that.  

Her defense attorney claimed the brother-in-law, whose mother is not the woman who was targeted, duped her into participating in the alleged scheme.

Rodriguez Garcia's attorney, pushing for a lower bail than what prosecutors sought, insisted the hit was a crime that never could have been committed. He cited her lack of criminal history and the fact the alleged targets were never even out of the United States as she thought, adding that Rodriguez Garcia simply wasn't capable of "committing a crime of this magnitude."

Ultimately, she pleaded not guilty to two counts each of attempted murder and conspiracy. A judge set bail at $750,000 cash or bond. Rodriguez Garcia faces up to life in prison if convicted of the top counts against her -- a point Sini emphasized in a news briefing after the indictment was unsealed Tuesday. 

"The irony is that the defendant hatched this murder plot to get her ex-husband to spend more time with her. And as a direct result, she's now facing up to life in prison," Sini said in announcing the indictment. "These are clearly not empty threats, this was a cold, calculated decision to have two people murdered, one of whom is a 5-year-old child."

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