Williamsburg Pool Parties Crew Find an Ally in Schumer

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Jelly NYC, the company behind Williamsburg's popular summer music series known to many as the Pool Parties, released a statement today that sent shock waves through the indie music scene of New York City and beyond.

As it stands, Jelly, the New York State Parks Department, and the Open Space Alliance have yet to come to terms that would allow the continued usage of East River State Park. This, as Jelly put it in an email today sent to local journalists and music bloggers, would "ultimately put an end to the flourishing free summer series."

The reaction in the blogosphere was swift. Let's go for a ride through the blog tubes, shall we?

The New York Times' ArtsBeat actually got a hold of Senator Chuck Schumer who told them, "When I heard that the concerts might be canceled, I couldn’t understand why, given that this is exactly what our parks are supposed to be for, and I am going to do everything I can to see that they continue.”

Flavorwire acknowledged that while the Senator is busy with other issues like Afghanistan, the economy, and health care reform, "this is a really important cause too, especially if you’re a poor New Yorker whose musical tastes veer toward mainstream indie rock," as the New York Press chimed in, "thankfully they have Senator Charles Schumer on their side."

Prefix writes what we all know -- "Everyone always seemed to be there," and adds that despite they're not technically even pool parties anymore after the move from McCarren Park's pool, "the atmosphere never changed." Pitchfork notes that for those of us in the NYC area who see lots of live music, that atmostphere at the Pool Parties has "become something of a summer institution."

The L Magazine's music editor Mike Conklin asked, "Why does everyone always have to ruin everything that is actually good and enjoyable and important and fun?" As Gothamist admits its just a part of the circle of life after hipsters took over the neighborhood years ago.

And as if to remind everyone not to get too up in arms over the sudden call to action, Brooklyn Vegan respectfully reminds the hoards, "Jelly's Pool Parties are a business - not a charity," even if they've provided great shows that support great artists.

Only time will tell if the pool parties will be sucked into the great nothingness or survive to see 2010. Senator Schumer, the dodgeball's in your court.

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