Worker Killed, Others Hurt When Car Slams into Queens Auto Repair Shop

An auto body shop worker in Queens was killed and several others seriously hurt when a driver plowed into the building Tuesday, police said. 

Witnesses said two vehicles collided on the street in front of New Pamir Auto Body Shop on 126th Street between 36th and 35th avenues in Willets Point just before noon. One of the cars left the roadway and barreled into the body shop, pinning and killing a worker, according to the shop's owner. 

James Hart, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the roadway collision, described how the crash unfolded.

"The guy smashed right behind me, hit me like four, five times," he said. "I stepped on the brakes to try to get him to stop, and he went around me, sped up and tried to leave.

"He was going to hit and curb and he cut the wheel back, and he came right in front of me on a 45-degree angle and smashed right into the guys." 

Two other workers were seriously hurt, including a 30-year-old worker who will likely have to have both legs amputated, according to the shop's owner, and a 34-year-old worker who is now in stable condition with body trauma. 

The killed 33-year-old worker has not been identified, but the business owner said his family lives in Ecuador. 

Police are continuing to investigate. 

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