North Bergen

Wild Goat Chase: Volunteers Help Rescue Loose Goat in New Jersey

A young black goat that was rescued from North Bergen

A wild goat chase in New Jersey ended with a $100 prize and a new home for the adorable kid.

The baby goat was found wandering Grove Cemetery in North Bergen Sunday morning and volunteers from Final Hope Animal Rescue spent more than 45 minutes trying to capture the animal.

The Jersey City-based rescue then offered a young man who was watching the chase on JFK Boulevard $100 if he could catch the goat, and so he did.

The 2-month old goat was later named Hope after the rescue.

It was unclear how Hope ended up on the streets of New Jersey but Final Hope says the animal had escaped slaughter and it had tags showing it was from Georgia.

The young goat is malnourished but it's expected to recover. It is now being cared for at Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia, New Jersey, officials said.

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