“Imette” Bouncer Gets Max for Kidnapping

Darryl Littlejohn still to face murder charges in death of John Jay College student

Overcome by tears, the former college student who escaped from murder suspect Darryl Littlejohn saw him sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life in prison.

"Why did you have to do this to me” asked Shanai Woodard, 22, whose sobs cut short her victim impact statement in Queens Supreme Court.

"I can't even go back to school anymore, every time I see a man ... I get scared."

"I just want to know why, I didn't do anything wrong ... I just want my life back."

In sentencing Littlejohn to the maximum for kidnapping, robbing and assaulting the five-foot, 125 pound Woodard in October 2005. Judge Gregory Lasak underscored her suffering:  "You've ruined her life."

But the judge also praised her for fighting back and escaping after Littlejohn ambushed her as she walked home from York College in Jamaica Queens.  The burly ex-convict pretended to be a cop, handcuffed her,  threw her into a van and drove away.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Littlejohn "has now been severely punished for his actions."

Littlejohn is the bar bouncer also charged with raping and murdering John Jay College student Imette St. Guillen in February 2006. Despite his extensive criminal record, he had been hired as a bouncer at the Soho bar where St. Guillen was last seen alive.  He faces murder charges later this year in Brooklyn.

Littlejohn's defense attorney Jason Russo vowed to appeal claiming his client was innocent and blaming the publicity in the St. Guillen case for this conviction.

Lasak called Littlejohn's convictions on robbery and drug cases -- beginning at age 16 -- "a horrendous rap sheet" and said the now 44-year-old is the "typical classic sociopath" who acts like a gentleman in court and "another way in the street."

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