Bronx Zoo Cobra Has a Name: It'sss ….

Tens of thousands of ideas were submitted to zoo.

The Egyptian cobra that slithered out of its Bronx Zoo quarters and eluded zookeepers for a week finally has a name: Mia.

The zoo announced the serpent's name, an acronym for the phrase "missing in action," Thursday afternoon after receiving tens of thousands of submissions.

The five finalist names were Agnes, Cleopatra, Subira, Mia and Amaunet. Voters have been picking their favorite on the zoo's website.

The winning name was nominated 222 times and received 27 percent of the vote. The runners-up: Subira, 14,016 votes (24 percent); Amaunet, 11,672 votes (20 percent); Cleopatra, 10,730 votes (18 percent); Agnes, 6,777 votes (11 percent).

Now that Mia has received her official name and settled (back) into her exhibit, the Reptile House, which closed during her escape, will be reopened to the public on Saturday and visitors will be able to see her for the first time. 

The rare 24-inch snake was missing for days, but she didn't get far -- zookeepers found her curled up in a dark corner of exhibit, not far from where she escaped.

A Twitter account that imagined the snake gallivanting around town attracted more than 230,000 followers in the days she was on the lam.


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