Who Likes Mike? Bloomberg Does

Mike likes Mike.

That much was clear, as Mayor Bloomberg commented on this month's cartoon cover of the New Yorker, featuring Hizzoner gazing lovingly at himself in a heart-shaped mirror.

"I like what I see in the mirror. I hope everybody here does,"  Bloomberg said.   "I'm a lucky enough guy to have made a lot of money and I'm giving it all away and making a big difference."   The sketch implies Bloomberg is his own valentine,  as he sits beside a box of chocolates labeled "To: Me."   (And in fact, his birthday is Feb.14th)

But recent polls show voters like Mike a lot less than they used to.  His approval rating dropped to an all time low of 37 points last month.  Another poll on the subject is expected tonight.

But at least one New Yorker seems to have warmed up to the Mayor this year.  He's Staten Island Chuck, the groundhog that bit Bloomberg in 2009.  This time, the Mayor waited until his furry friend emerged from his house before trying to scoop him up.

"That was so much better than having to reach in and let the little son of a b*tch bite you,"  Bloomberg said in a moment captured on videotape.

New Yorkers can be so difficult to please.

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