Who is ‘Barak' Obama and What's He Doing at the Clinton Global Initiative?

Former President Bill Clinton hit the talk show circuit on Sunday, defending President Barack Obama’s economic policies, but somewhere between "Meet the Press" and "Face the Nation," someone on Clinton's staff must have forgotten how to spell the current Commander-in-Chief's name.

On the Clinton Global Initiative website a "News Highlight" on the homepage announces taht President Barak Obama will be appearing at the annual meeting for Clinton's foundation, which brings non-profit and private sector money to global problems.  The summit kicks of Tuesday.

Other attendees at the Manhattan-based meetings include Mr. Obama's wife, Michelle, Paul Farmer and Eric Schmidt. All fared better, with no misspellings in their names.

While we can safely assume this typo was just a simple mistake -- first noticed early Monday morning -- it was yet to be fixed by around 11:30 a.m.  The two presidents have gotten along well since rumors of a rift following the aftermath of the 2008 Democratic primary, meeting for lunch and other meetings in New York City and elsewhere.

 Other featured speakers include Former Secretary of State Madeline Albrecht, NBC News special correspondent Tim Brokaw, and Microsoft Founder Bill Gatts.

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