When New York Smells Good, People Get Suspicious

For those who thought their significant other was just following through on the New Year's resolution to smell a little sweeter in the 2009, we regret to inform that it was likely the city of New York to blame for the favorable aromatic conditions, not the new stick of deodorant you purchased to be supportive.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probably don't have the nose to be a professional Syrup meteorologist, the likes of whom have been reporting that a syrupy smell has been entering New York's air supply for the past four years running.  Always around this time in January. Even more specifically, always occurring on a Thursday.  Perhaps the laugh on old Mrs. Butterworth is not so innocent after all.

New York City blog Gothamist has been so overwhelmed by emails from Syrup-Smell Stalkers that they've created a non-sticky map of the smelling-sightings. Turns out the odor is more concentrated on the Upper West Side, either that or we have confirmation that there are in fact some folks whose poop doesn't stink.

A fierce manhunt is in effect for the cause, with the finger of blame tentatively pointed in the direction of New Jersey. (where else!)

311, the city's information hotline, has received dozens of calls.  As of this report, there's still no indication on why the source of the smell has remained a mystery. Or why people want New York City to go back to its usual smell.

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