Boy Arrested in Threat That Sent School into Lockout

Authorities say a 13-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with an Internet threat that sent Westbury Middle School on Long Island into lockout mode Monday. 

The boy logged onto a friend's Facebook account using his own computer over the weekend and sent threatening messages to two 13-year-old girls he felt were bullying him, according to Nassau County police. 

The messages were reported to authorities, who said they were "taking every precaution" Monday, which came at a time of high anxiety for schools across the country following the mass shootings at Newtown.

The boy is charged with making a terrorist threat and will be arraigned Tuesday in family court in Mineola, police said.  

Under lockout mode, the Westbuy Middle School held a normal school day but no one was allowed into the building and all afterschool and evening activities were canceled. 

Interim superintendent Mary Lagnado said she visited all schools in the district to review security and safety procedures and ensure they were in place. 

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