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Showers Linger, But Brighter and Cooler Days Aren’t Far Behind Them

The weekend looks to be dry for once

What to Know

  • Showers, sometimes heavy, will punish the tri-state overnight, but by the time Wednesday's morning commute rolls around it could be dry
  • The day will be hot as a warm front pushes in, but a cold front moves in later in the day that will set the stage for a long stretch of sun
  • The weekend will be dry both days for once, with Sunday being the warmer of the two days with higher humidity, Storm Team 4 says

Keep the umbrella handy Wednesday, at least for the first half of the day.

Rain, often heavy at times, is working its way out of the tri-state, and a few lingering showers will keep the morning commute damp, but a brighter and cooler trend is just on the other side, Storm Team 4 says. 

A warm front pushed in first that brought downpours overnight, but by 6 a.m. the showers moved more to the north and west of New York City, forecasters said. The rain was heavy at times and sparked flood advisories for parts of NJ. Click here for all weather alerts.

Now the umbrella can be put away for a few hours -- but keep it close. A cold front moving in later in the afternoon could trigger a few more showers, although they will be scattered in nature, Storm Team 4 said.

On the other side of the front comes much drier air, with a long stretch of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s and far less humidity. The weekend looks to be dry with Sunday being the warmer and the muggier day of the two.

Cars were squished by trees, a man was helped by paramedics after a limb fell on him and power outages were reported in Queens Thursday. Katherine Creag reports.

The heat gets turned back up to start the new workweek on Monday with temperatures projected to be in the low 90s before dipping back to the upper 80s on Tuesday, meteorologists said.

Twister Downs 50 Trees, Leaves Trail of Destruction in Queens Neighborhood

The tri-state has been waiting for a stretch of more summer-like weather after the region saw a wild pattern of menacing weather the last few weeks. Everything from catastrophic flooding in New Jersey that sparked state of emergencies in several Garden State communities to a rare tornado that touched down in Queens, ripping apart trees and knocking out power in College Point. 

The mayor and residents of Woodland Park and Little Falls are blaming the owner of a car dealership for the damage that flooding did to homes. But a day after the dealership owner disputed those claims to News 4, residents remain convinced the business is at least partly to blame. Adam Kuperstein reports.

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