Kids Find Wedding Ring in Play-Doh Box

A box of Play-Doh meant to be a birthday present for a New York City woman's grandchildren contained a priceless valuable: someone's wedding ring. 

Pat Reilly of Breezy Point, Queens said her 4- and 6-year-old grandkids couldn't wait to get their hands on the present. But when they opened the box sealed with Scotch tape, they were surprised to find what appeared to be a wedding band. 

"She lifted it out and said, 'Here it is Grandma, what is this?'" said Reilly. 

That was a month and a half ago, and since then Reilly has been on a mission to find the ring's rightful owner. 

"I know how I feel when I lose a ring. My hands feel empty," said Reilly. "Plus the history of the ring. If it is a wedding ring, a wedding band, it belongs to somebody. It's part of their life." 

Reilly called Hasbro and explained what she found. The company asked her to send it to their office. 

"I said, 'I don't really want to send a ring to sit in an office,'" she said.

With no real answers, Reilly is hanging onto the ring -- and hanging onto hope that she'll find the person who lost the treasure. 

"I want a comfort level that it goes to the right person," she said. "That's all." 

The ring is a simple band, inscribed with the number 990-7. Reilly hopes someone contacts Hasbro with information. 

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