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Water Shoots Stories High in Brooklyn, Uproots Tree; 50 Forced to Flee Homes

Water shot stories into the high, at one point up to 50 feet, so forceful it uprooted a tree, after a huge main break in Brooklyn that submerged part of Crown Heights and forced dozens of people from their homes before dawn.

At least two buildings were evacuated as water flooded the street just before 5 a.m. Thursday. Three hours later, it was spouting just as ferociously. The pressure had started to drop shortly before 9 a.m., the mess -- major sidewalk damage and debris all over the road -- lingered.

Residents in the area tell NBC 4 New York they started waking up before dawn because of the noise. Some thought it was rain, they said.  

Video shared on Twitter shows water gushing into the street. Additional video shot by News 4 shows water gushing into the air almost as high as street lights. A tree is also seen leaning against a building and it appears the water pressure uprooted it. A metal dumpster also appears to have been overturned. 

Westbound Pacific Street between Troy and Kingston avenues is closed to traffic as crews work to try to get the break under control. City workers were looking at maps to figure out which valve runs the pipe as they tried to control it.

No injuries have been reported. The Red Cross said it has responders on scene. 

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