Michelle Kim

Washington Heights Father Missing for 2 Weeks

What to Know

  • Family and police are searching for a 29-year-old Manhattan father of two last seen leaving for work on Nov. 28
  • Rhony Ramos of Washington Heights was last seen leaving for work; he took the train but never made it to work and never returned home
  • He does have schizophrenia, his family says; police have not deemed his disappearance suspicious

A 29-year-old father of two last seen rushing off to work from his Washington Heights apartment remains missing two weeks later. 

Family and friends held a vigil for Rhony Ramos on a street corner in the neighborhood, holding out hope that he'll come home. He was last seen on the morning of Nov. 28, after his mother woke him up for work.

"He overslept, he just said, 'Bye, Mom,'" according to his brother Freddie Ramos. "She looked out the window, she seen him rushing towards the train. He took the train but he never came home. He never made it to work and never came home." 

Since then, the family has put up posters and carried out searches all over the city for Rhony Ramos, who has schizophrenia. The NYPD has even put out tweets calling for information on his whereabouts. 

"Come home," implored Freddie Ramos in a message to his brother. "We don't want to spend the holidays without you." 

Police have not deemed his disappearance suspicious. 

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