Couple Says Waldorf Astoria Wedding Was Ruined by Accidental Shooting, Wants Refund

The couple whose wedding at Manhattan's famous Waldorf Astoria hotel was cut short when a guest's gun accidentally went off wants their money back.

Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer representing bride Anna Goldshmidt and her husband Elan Stratiyevsky, says they intend to sue or negotiate with the hotel for the costs of the wedding.

The couple's lawyer Benjamin Brafman told the New York Post the couple is also is considering a lawsuit against Vladimir Gotlibovsky, a guest at their wedding who accidentally fired his gun, grazing a woman in the head. He was playing with the firearm when it discharged, authorities say.

"We are planning to sue the Waldorf for the costs of the wedding and the emotional harm suffered by the bride and groom, whose dream wedding was destroyed for no reason whatsoever by Waldorf personnel. A suit is also contemplated against the shooter, whose recklessness created the havoc," Brafman said.

Charges against him have been deferred.

Brafman didn't say how much the wedding cost.

A Waldorf Astoria New York representative says the reception was canceled due to safety concerns.

The hotel says it made the decision on the "paramount concerns of the safety and security" of the guests and employees.

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