Vote Sully for Mustache American of the Year!

Support Sully and his stache

The accolades just keep coming for "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot Chesley Sullenberger. And if he wins this one, you'd most certainly see the accomplishment on his face.

Sully is one of 18 candidates – a woman, an inanimate object and 16 men – nominated for the 2009 "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year" award. The honor, given by the American Mustache Institute, recognizes the individual who most contributes to the "Mustached American way of life" over the last year.

We think Sully's got a great shot of winning with his superior stache; the thick white fuzz spreads delicately across his upper lip and is always scrupulously trimmed. C'mon, what would you expect from the guy who landed a US Airways plane in the Hudson River (we're still totally amazed), saving the lives of 155 people in the process?

Keep in mind this is not just a contest to determine who's got the best mustache. It's about who has made the biggest difference to the Mustached American way of life. And what a difference Sully has made – mustache and all – to our lives in the past year.  

Sully needs your support. Vote for him for Stache of the Year. The contest runs until Oct. 20. The winner (yes, vote Sully now, yes!) is announced at the AMI's Stache Bash 2009 event on Oct. 30.  

Nearly 100 nominees were submitted for the this year's contest, but as we said, fewer than 20 made the final cut. Sure, Utah Mayor Dan Snarr, one of the candidates, has a cool handlebar mustache. But what has he done lately for the Mustached Americans?

And yeah, Eric Holder became the first Mustached American sworn in as U.S. Attorney General since Francis Biddle in 1945, but is his stache really worthy of such recognition?

We think not.

Vote Sully. Mustache American 2009. You won't be sorry. Remember, he could be flying your plane one day.

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