Photos: Queens Homes Are in Vomit-Inducing Condition After Sewage Blockage

New York City residents are dealing with awful and vomit-inducing conditions days after a sewer backup forced them to leave their homes. Officials say the disruption pushed human waste into about 300 homes in Jamaica, Queens.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday visited a Queens neighborhood where residents have been grappling with aftermath of sewage blockage.
The mayor said that the city will hire contractors to clean the houses affected by the foul backup, which had sewage pumping into basements.
Though he said that crews have been working since Saturday on the sewage backup, de Blasio said “there is more to do.”
EMPTY_CAPTION"Raw sewage. There were worms coming out of the toilet. Sludge. Feces. All kinds of stuff," said South Ozone Park resident Gwen McElroy.
At one point, one resident reported having a foot of water in the basement.
In the meantime, the DEP has set up a bypass pumping system that will allow any waste water generated in the neighborhood to bypass the blockage, officials said.
City officials are asking homeowners to fill out a form to claim compensation through the NYC Comptroller’s Office to get back any out-of-pocket expenses.
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