Virginity Lost on the G

The Mile-Low Club

A local blogger came across a rather unsettling sight Thursday night on the Brooklyn G train, when she saw a used condom left on one of the subway seats.  She was at first impressed that someone had done the deed on a moving train, but then on closer inspection she noticed some writing scrawled into the seat above.  It read, “I lost my virginity right here, 10/23/08”, next to an arrow pointing down to the condoms. 

She figured this must have happened only minutes earlier, which would make it a prime-time act of public sex!  We don’t know if sex on the subway is as popular as the Mile High Club, but we recommend you be on the lookout for potential initiators of the Subway Club. 

Miss Heather was undoubtedly impressed, and noted “$2.00 subway fare is still cheaper than a no-tell motel.”  As expected, the blogger who found this treasure is considering “never EVER sitting on a subway seat again”. 

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