Video Shows Violent Midtown Carjacking; Thief Barrels Into Cars Driving Wrong Way

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A demolition derby went down in midtown Wednesday afternoon, as an armed thief stole a car and smashed his way up Broadway — driving in the wrong direction and barreling into multiple cars.

Police said that the incident started as a man carjacked an SUV near Broadway and West 54th Street, after threatening the driver with a taser.

The suspect then plowed into parked cars going north for three blocks, with video from social media appearing to show a police officer attempting to stop the man — which immediately after went straight into an oncoming car, forcing it to go backwards and eventually spin around.

Bodycam video shows NYPD officers attempting to stop a carjacking in Midtown.

Police said that the black Audi SUV ended up crashing into a pole and flower bed at West 57th Street. He then took off on foot and disappeared into the Columbus Circle subway station.

A police officer suffered minor injuries during the incident. There was also another carjacking along Broadway at West 32nd Street at about the same time, but police said the two incidents were not related.

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